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Restricted Use Appraisal Reports 

Reduced Fees May Apply

Qualifying Properties: Terms and Conditions

  • The valuation is for single family residences only and for the use of the owner of the property only.
  • The only intended use of the appraisal is for general information purposes for the property owner.  This appraisal cannot be used for mortgage or legal purposes or any other reason involving anyone other than the home owner.
  • The appraisal does not include a property inspection; therefore, sufficient data must be available through online sources, such as MLS or tax assessment records, to accurately describe the subject property.
  • This valuation does not include hard to appraise homes such as log homes, manufactured homes, homes on acreage, most rural properties, excessively large homes or high valued custom built homes, or areas of significant transition due to changes in zoning or highest and best use of the surrounding land.  Additional applications of the meaning "hard to appraise homes" are at the sole discretion of the appraiser.
  • The property is appraised using qualitative sales comparison analysis only; this analysis must, in the judgment of the appraiser, result in meaningful, non-misleading conclusions or it cannot and will not be completed.  If money has been collected, a full refund will be awarded or all money will be applied to another type of assignment.
  • Value conclusions are typically stated in a range of value rather than a specific appraised value.  Range conclusions are narrowed to the extent that supporting data is available.
  • All fees must be collected prior to the distribution of the assignment results.  The report is to be emailed to the property owner in pdf. format within 24-48 hours after confirmation of payment; hard copies will require an additional fee for shipping and handling.

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