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Advances in technology have made residential appraising a much more efficient profession.  Older appraisers are often hesitant to incorporate new ideas into their appraisal analysis, but the future belongs to those who are progressive and open-minded to become educated and advanced in the use of spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and various other statistical tools now available.

At Nashville Home Appraisers, we use the latest techniques in performing graphic market analysis as well as in the three approaches to value: the sales comparison approach, cost approach, and the income capitalization approach.  Using spreadsheets and graphs are a common and routine practice of our appraisal staff.  Look for future blogs that will detail specific ways in which appraisers can take advantage of technology to make their work more efficient, reliable, and professional.  Your questions and comments are welcome; let us hear from you.

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Posted by James Atwood on July 7th, 2012 11:11 AMLeave a Comment

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